Barns & Excavations

We oversee the build of agricultural sheds from start to finish


We have a 6 ton digger with a range of buckets, pecker for places which you can get to with a tractor; auger for really hard ground that you can bang a stake in and grab that is brilliant for clearance of woodland or overgrown places. It is also fitted with extra wide tracks so it doesn’t sink in very wet places. We all know Exmoor has a few of those!

We carry out a range of projects with the digger, from digging out ponds, ditching, trenching foundations for sheds, putting electricity cables underground and much more.


We build these sheds from start to finish doing all the ground works; erecting, concreting, cladding and installation of the water systems.

We are able to put up simple steel frames, or go for the higher spec e.g. walls, sliding doors and insulation.

(See below this shed that we built last year)