Land & Hedgeland Management

We have a range of sizes of all the machinery and can offer the following procedures:

Rolling and Harrowing

We have a roller and a set of harrows which are going non stop throughout the spring months to get the fields in shape.


We have a range of toppers which will cut a grass paddock up to coppicing a small woodland. We also have front and rear toppers for the really thick growth, the one on the front will cut through it and the one on the back will tidy it up and cut it up into small pieces.

We also have the machinery for very steep ground topping, duel wheel and a winch. We will not be defeated by the gradient!

FREE lime testing

Have you limed your field recently? Is it full of moss and rushes? Your field could be low on lime. We will test it for you for free and if it is low then we can spread the lime to get the levels back up to the correct state.


This ultimately grows more grass buy introducing more air to the grass roots and soil. This helps root development and alleviates compaction of the ground, improves drainage, reduces slurry and fertiliser run off. If you had horses grazing on the fields all winter, I would strongly suggest doing this. 

Spraying, quad bike boom and lance sprayer and tractor boom sprayer

If you have small paddocks which are covered in docks and weeds from the horses grazing it all winter then we have a quad bike sprayer to spray it all off.

We have a tractor mounted sprayer for arable or pasture/grassland with full GPS. Fully licensed and insured.

We can meet all of your crop and pasture spraying needs!


If your horse or pony paddock is looking tired and has lots of weeds, we can reseed it for you, with a one pass machine or ploughing and tilling it.

Hedge laying

We hedge lay from October through to march. 

Ploughing and Power Harrowing