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Post and rail fence

We have just finished 1000m of post, rail and wire fence on Exmoor. This was for an equestrian property with livery yard. The cattle grids needed to be removed so the horses didn't fall down them if they escaped. To begin with we fenced either side of the driveway so they were still able to graze sheep in the fields. After doing this we removed both of the cattle grids and filled them with concrete putting a oak gate at one end to keep the animals off the moor out.

Stock fencing

We are currently ring fencing a property with stock netting a two barb. This fence had lead us though a very wet woodland area, where we are unable to get a tractor. To overcome this we have used a digger and pecker to access these difficult bits. This is a great piece of machinery as you can fence had to get to places e.g. where it is very steep or wet.