Field Maintenance

Regular ongoing field maintenance is essential for maximising land productivity. J. Croft Contracting are fully equipped to provide efficient year-round pasture, grass and paddock maintenance for equestrian properties, smallholdings and larger commercial areas across Devon & Somerset.

Harrowing & Rolling

Harrowing and rolling in the spring months will help get fields in shape. Harrowing rakes through the pasture to remove thatch, dead grass, moss and weeds. This process promotes the growth of fresh pasture. Rolling will level uneven ground and is also highly recommended after seeding or reseeding pasture. Autumn harrowing, together with aeration will be beneficial for the following season. 

Soil Aeration

Often overlooked but very important. This process encourages grass growth by introducing more air to the grass roots and soil. This helps root development and relieves ground compaction, improves drainage and reduces slurry and fertiliser run-off. If you have had horses grazing fields all winter, we would strongly recommend doing this.


Lime Spreading

Is your field full of moss and rushes? It could be low on lime. Applying lime is a simple and effective way of improving soil and grassland productivity. We will test it for you for free, and if it is low, we can spread the lime to get levels back up to the correct state.



Annual topping helps keep pastures and paddocks in better condition. We have toppers to suit a range of requirements – from cutting a grass paddock to coppicing a small woodland. We also have front and rear toppers for the really thick growth, the front will cut through it and the back will tidy it up and cut it up into small pieces. Is your land very steep? Not a problem, we have the machinery for the job - dual wheel and a winch. We will not be defeated by gradient!


We are fully licensed and insured to apply all types of herbicide and pesticide. Smaller areas such as equestrian paddocks or fields can be done by quad bike with a boom and lance sprayer. We use a tractor mounted sprayer with full GPS for larger areas of arable, pasture and grassland.


We comply with health and safety regulations, taking care to protect livestock, water courses and wildlife.



Reseeding can restore the condition of pasture, especially if horses or livestock have been grazing all winter. We can reseed with a one-pass machine, or by ploughing and tilling.


Muck spreading

An essential part of the cycle of land maintenance, spreading fertiliser will promote grass growth and help overgrazed pasture recover more quickly. We can supply fertilisers, spread your muck heap, or remove it.


Ploughing & Power Harrowing

Whether it’s a single paddock that needs ploughing and seeding, or a larger acreage, we have the machinery to complete it quickly and efficiently.

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